State analysis of time-varying singular nonlinear systems using Legendre wavelets

S. Raja Balachandar, S. G. Venkatesh, S. K. Ayyaswamy, S. Balachandran


In this paper, the Legendre wavelet method for State analysis of time-varying singular nonlinear systems is studied. The properties of Legendre wavelets and its operational matrices are first presented and then are used to convert into algebraic equations. Also the convergence and error analysis for the proposed technique have been discussed. Illustrative examples have been given to demonstrate the validity and applicability of the technique. The efficiency of the proposed method has been compared with Haar wavelet method and it is observed that the Legendre wavelet method is more convenient than the Haar wavelet method in terms of applicability, efficiency, accuracy, error, and computational effort.

Palabras clave

Legendre wavelets ; Time-varying ; Singular nonlinear systems ; Convergence analysis ; Operational matrix.

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