Odd harmonious labeling of some cycle related graphs

P. Jeyanthi, S. Philo


A graph G(p, q) is said to be odd harmonious if there exists an in-jection f : V(G)→ {0,1, 2, ..., 2q — 1} such that the induced function f * : E(G) → {1, 3, ... 2q — 1} defined by f * (uv) = f (u) + f (v) is a bijection. A graph that admits odd harmonious labeling is called odd harmonious graph. In this paper we prove that any two even cycles sharing a common vertex and a common edge are odd harmonious graphs.

Palabras clave

Harmonious labeling; odd harmonious labeling; odd harmonious graph; strongly odd harmonious labeling; strongly odd harmonious graph; etiquetado armonioso; etiquetado armonioso impar; grafo armonioso impar.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0716-09172016000100006

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