A Simple Remark on Fields of Definition

  • Ruben A. Hidalgo Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.
Palabras clave: Algebraic curves, field of moduli, field of definition, curvas algebraicas, campo de módulos, campo de definición.


Let K< L be an extension of fields, in characteristic zero, with L algebraically closed and let ‾K;< L be the algebraic closure of K in L. Let X and Y be irreducible projective algebraic varieties, X defined over ‾K and Y defined over L, and let π : X → Y be a non-constant morphism, defined over L. If we assume that ‾K ≠ L,then one may wonder if Y is definable over ‾K. In the case that K = Q, L = C and that X and Y are smooth curves, a positive answer was obtained by Gonzalez-Diez. In this short note we provide simple conditions to have a positive answer to the above question. We also state a conjecture for a class of varieties of general type. 

Biografía del autor/a

Ruben A. Hidalgo, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.
Departamento de Matemática.


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Hidalgo, R. (2012). A Simple Remark on Fields of Definition. Proyecciones. Revista De Matemática, 31(1), 25-28. https://doi.org/10.4067/S0716-09172012000100003