Some separation axioms in L-topological spaces

  • Cuimei Jiang Qingdao Technological University.
  • Jin-Ming Fang Qingdao Technological University.
Palabras clave: L-topology, sub-separation axioms, sub-T1, sub-T2, sub-T2 1/2, sub-T3, sub-T4, L-topología, axiomas de sub-separación.


In this paper, under the idea of L-Tq or sub-T0,we propose a set of new separation axioms in L-topological spaces, namely sub-separation axioms. And some of their properties are studied. In addition, the relation between the sub-separation axioms defined in the paper and other separation axioms is discussed. The results show that the sub-separation axioms in this paper are weaker than other separation axioms that had appeared in literature.

Biografía del autor/a

Jin-Ming Fang, Qingdao Technological University.
Department of Mathematics.


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Jiang, C., & Fang, J.-M. (2012). Some separation axioms in L-topological spaces. Proyecciones. Revista De Matemática, 31(2), 125-147.