Asymptotically Convex Banach Spaces and The Index of Rotundity Problem

  • Francisco J. García-Pacheco University of Cadiz.
Palabras clave: Rotund, renorming, Banach space, rotonda, renormalización, espacio de Banach.


The Index of Rotundity Problem asks whether a Banach space which admits equivalent renormings with index of rotundity as small as desired also admits an equivalent rotund renorming. In this paper we continue the ongoing search for a negative answer to this question by making use of a new concept: asymptotically convex Banach spaces. Some applications to The Approximation Hyperplane Series Property are given.

Biografía del autor/a

Francisco J. García-Pacheco, University of Cadiz.
Department of Mathematics.


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García-Pacheco, F. (2012). Asymptotically Convex Banach Spaces and The Index of Rotundity Problem. Proyecciones. Revista De Matemática, 31(2), 91-101.